Our special coating nozzle, Triple-2, designed for Laser Material Deposition (LMD), is based on our proven 6-nozzle system and provides innovative solutions for demanding coating applications.

This unique nozzle allows the generation of two powder focuses, enabling the creation of graded layers in a single coating operation. With its two sets of three powder jets, it opens up new possibilities for complex coating processes.

The powder focuses can be adjusted horizontally and vertically relative to each other. A scale allows you to precisely read and reproduce the set displacement of the focuses. The separate powder focuses provide the opportunity to introduce different materials with varying particle velocities into the melt. This flexibility allows you to use different materials in a single coating process, creating functional layers with specific properties.

The coating nozzle is equipped with wear-resistant inlays. The diameter of the inlays can be varied to achieve different powder focus diameters. These inlays offer high resistance to adhesion from splattering, improving durability and lifespan, ensuring consistent coating quality. Combined with the active cooling of the powder nozzle, the working distance can be significantly reduced compared to nozzles from other manufacturers. This leads to a more efficient use of protective gas, thereby increasing the cost-effectiveness of the coating process.

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