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Laser material deposition

Laser material deposition or also known as cladding is one of the generative manufacturing processes. Here, a filler material in powder form is injected through a powder nozzle into the molten bath generated by the laser beam on the component surface and melted there. By moving the laser beam or the coating optics relative to the component and overlapping individual tracks, a layer is created on the component. The maximum process speeds achieved here are around 15-20 m / min. The main process features are:

  • high-precision, automated application of layers with thicknesses from 0.1 millimeters to several centimeters
  • metallurgical bonding of the layer with the base material (free of pores and cracks)
  • low heat input into the substrate
  • No penetration notches / undercuts
  • High flexibility thanks to a large selection of same and different compositions
  • Machining of almost all metallic alloys possible
  • High reproducibility
  • Little post-treatment due to close-contour layer application
Lasertechnik für Instandsetzung und Funktionalisierung
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