Powder Distributor / Powder Mixer

Powder Distributor / Powder Mixer

Powder Distributor is used to connect the powder nozzles with the powder supply. It divides the powder-gas jet leaving the powder conveyor into homogeneous partial jets. The distributor is modular, meaning that the inputs and outputs can be combined according to customer preferences. A uniform distribution is achieved by using a core made up of multiple diffuser plates at defined intervals. Additionally, this component ensures nearly pulse-free conveying at high powder mass flows. It can be relatively easily integrated into a system via an additional clamping device.

Due to the built-in diffuser, it is possible to use the powder distributor as an online mixer. Up to six powder conveyors can be connected to the diffuser by using the "Upside-Down" configuration of the powder distributor. Another diffuser or a powder nozzle with corresponding inputs can then be connected to the previous diffuser's input.

Powder Distributor / Powder Mixer
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