Our coating optics OSCA[R]-IN is a reliable and high-performance tool specifically designed for internal coating using EHLA.

LMD processes are also possible. Large coating depths can be achieved through a lance. Demanding operations with laser power of up to 8 kW are possible. The laser processing optics feature a fully integrated media supply—protective gas, metal powder, and cooling water are internally guided. The integrated design eliminates interference contours such as media hoses and pipes near the processing plane. It also prevents the melting of feeders, simplifying handling, maintenance, and increasing productivity. For process control and monitoring, the laser processing optics can be equipped with a camera and a pyrometer. These are integrated into the beam path via a dichroic filter. The use of focusing lenses with a focal length of 200 to 250 mm allows adjustment of the focus to the requirements of the coating process. To protect the focusing lens, a protective glass is integrated into the optics. The protective glass, housed in a convenient cassette, can be queried and its condition monitored. If necessary, it can be quickly and easily replaced to ensure uninterrupted operation.

The laser processing optics are equipped with a mount for HighNo® nozzle tips with different standoffs, allowing precise adjustment of the processing distance (standoff) and powder focus diameter. To ensure optimal alignment of the laser beam with the powder focus, our optics offer precise adjustment of the laser beam alignment via the collimation mount.

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