The cyclone separator is integrated into the powder channel between the powder conveyor and the powder nozzle.

With the help of the cyclone, it is possible to separate the powder-gas mixture into its components - metal powder and conveying gas. The continuous adjustment allows for precise regulation of the amount of conveying gas to be expelled. After the separation process, the metal powder can either be transported onto the processing surface through the nozzle with the remaining conveying gas or collected in a container.

By separating metal powder and conveying gas, the speed of the powder particles at the exit from the powder nozzle can be significantly reduced. This manipulation of the powder-gas mixture enables the fundamental feasibility of certain coating processes (e.g. processing with an Off-Axis powder nozzle). Additionally, the reduced speed can prevent splattering onto critical process components, contributing to increased component lifespan and minimized downtime. This helps reduce production costs while simultaneously enhancing system efficiency.

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